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Our company specifies in delivering an extensive range of filler masterbatches with custom-made inquiries..

Filler Masterbatches – PolyFill's strategic product linds from the beginning

Besides Filler Masterbatch, we also produce white masterbatch, black masterbatch and other types of color masterbatches with excellent pigment.


PolyFill has been manufacturing and offering filler masterbatches, white masterbatch, and some of the basic color masterbatches & additives solutions since 2017. In order to maximize the operational efficiency, our certified manufacturing process, and technical innovation warranty the excellent quality and quantity of our plastic products.

Since the inception, with the total area of 40,000 square meters, PolyFill has been offering the advanced level of plastic solutions. Our company specifies in delivering an extensive range of filler masterbatches with custom-made inquiries.

From the inauguration, PolyFill has expanded its production base in order to satisfy the environmental regulations, technology standards and excellent filler masterbatches’ properties with capacity up to 8,000 tons per month.

Filler Masterbatch – Under the brand name of PolyFill makes the difference!

Our filler masterbatch takes assure to meet clients’ needs from individual consultation, bespoke sample, fastest delivering and undeniable commission.


Envisioning the reliability, quality, and quantity, we aim at the highest level of clients’ satisfaction. In terms of total capacity, by year end 2018, we estimate the capacity of PolyFill manufactory will reach up to 150,000 tons annually.

Exploiting from the hundreds of year old high-calcium limestones in Vietnam with ample resources, we take assure to deliver the most cost - effective filler masterbatch with excellent properties.

Our manufactory is located in Dinh Vu Industrial Zone of Hai Phong province where to take the extra advantage of maritime. Hence, if your firm is finding a prestigious filler masterbatch with affordable price but stable and excellent quality, you might get to know more of us from now.

Make the partnership & dictatorship your regions!

For long-term benefits with the undeniable commissions and cost-effective solution, please do not hesitate to become our official partner in your regions.



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