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We are Polyfill, we manufacture and export filler masterbatch to over 70 countries around the world.

Polyfill Masterbatch
The leading filler masterbatch supplier

Polyfill - Supplying not only the highest quality Caco3 masterbatch products, but also the solution for exporting fillers, improving your plastic products and optimizing profits. In recent years, with the vision of environmental issues as well as the undeniable positive effects of plastics, we aimed to develop more environmentally friendly products than primary plastics - That is calcium carbonate masterbatch and color masterbatch from 2017.

Especially, these products of Polyfill are the perfect combinations of keeping high quality raw materials from Vietnam, famous additives and leading technology.

We are committed to supply these flexible materials in accordance with the formula and individual products of each customer. In addition, we are also interested in exporting our products to your country. This is also the reason that Polyfill factory is located in Hai Phong City, Vietnam. The location of our factory near the seaport will be extremely convenient for taking advantage of international trade from the Pacific Ocean. All services above is aim to bring more benefits to customers by providing high-quality masterbatch as materials, therefore create more values for businesses as well as ensure a safe environment

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