Top 3 calcium carbonate filler masterbatch manufacturers you should know

As calcium carbonate filler is becoming an indispensable part of plastic products manufacture, finding a trusted supplier providing high-quality plastic fillers calcium carbonate is now an essential mission for many plastic firms. In this article, let’s find out the top 3 most trusted calcium carbonate filler suppliers currently.

​Plastic fillers are materials added to primary plastic with a view to reducing cost as well as reinforcing the stiffness of end products. In fact, there are two types of plastic fillers – inorganic (also known as mineral fillers) and organic fillers. Popular inorganic fillers include calcium carbonate (limestone), magnesium silicates (talc), calcium sulfate, mica, calcium silicate, barium sulfate, and kaolin (China clay) while organic fillers commonly exist in the form of tree bark flour, nut flours, chicken feathers, and rice hulls.

Among hundreds of choices for plastic fillers, many plastic firms buy calcium carbonate filler for the following reasons.

  1. Why should calcium carbonate filler be the first priority?
    Among various types of plastic fillers, calcium carbonate is the most widely known. In nature, this material is in the form of eggshells, pearls, seashells, and chalk. Thanks to this availability, calcium carbonate can significantly reduce the production cost for plastic firms compared to primary plastic. Besides, it also enhances the overall physical properties of end-products such as rigidity, plasticity, tensile modulus, and density as well as being able to be used as a processing aid, which drives the efficiency of the manufacturing procedures.
Calcium carbonate is the most popular type of plastic filler

Another advantage contributing to the popularity of CaCO3 is its inertness. Hardly does CaCO3 make any chemical reactions to primary plastic, thus it is easier for this material to be mixed with a wide variety of plastic resins including polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and bioplastic.

Filler masterbatch is the combination of calcium carbonate (up to 75%), primary plastic, and other special additives. It inherits all advantages of calcium carbonate as well as helps end-products easily meet necessary standard quality, thus making filler masterbatch the top-of-mind of plastic firms when it comes to cost-saving solutions. That is the reason why many plastic producers are looking for an appropriate supplier to buy calcium carbonate filler.

2. Where to buy calcium carbonate filler?

Due to the absolute advantage of limestone resources, a large number of filler calcium carbonate suppliers are located in Asian countries including China, India, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam. Vietnam is amongst the leading countries of manufacturing and exporting filler calcium carbonate thanks to its high-quality and rich reserve of calcium carbonate in nature. The following are the top 3 filler calcium carbonate Vietnamese suppliers you can not miss.

2.1. PolyFill


PolyFill is one of the leading Vietnamese filler masterbatch suppliers specializing in manufacturing filler masterbatches and color masterbatches. Specifically, its products are tailor-made to fit each customer’s requirements. They are encouraged to request different standards regarding usage proportion, colors, smell, and moisture,…which can be based on to create the most suitable material for their needs.

PolyFill is one of the leading Vietnamese filler masterbatch suppliers specializing in manufacturing filler masterbatches and color masterbatches

With a capacity of over 150.000 tons annually, PolyFill is able to meet the deadlines of all inquiries. Since its inauguration, PolyFill’s products have been exported to over 70 countries worldwide as well as winning the trust of thousands of clients.

Besides, customers of PolyFill can also rely on the company’s guarantee policy as all products are guaranteed in case of errors and damages resulting from unexpected events.

Currently, customers can buy calcium carbonate filler from PolyFill in the following types:

  • Calcium carbonate masterbatch (available in 5 types: PE, PP, HD, HIPS and Transparent)
  • White masterbatch
  • Black masterbatch
  • Color masterbatch

2.2. Abbey Vietnam


Abbey Vietnam is a cooperation between Abbey Masterbatch Ltd. UK and European Plastic Company (EuP). Inheriting over 20 years of experience in Black Masterbatch manufacturing, this manufacturer offers a wide range of products serving a thousand customers worldwide in various industries.

Unlike other calcium carbonate filler suppliers, Abbey Vietnam mainly concentrates on providing black masterbatch made of carbon black pigment type P and HAF, virgin polymer, and other special additives for specific plastic industries such as films, pipe, and profile, recycling, blown film, injection molding, compounding,…

Abbey Vietnam mainly concentrates on providing black masterbatch

With high-quality products and reliable policy regarding delivery time and guarantee, Abbey Vietnam has gradually become the first priority for many plastic firms when it comes to black masterbatch.

2.3. EuroPlas (EuP)


It can be said that EuroPlas is the top-of-mind filler masterbatch manufacturer for plastic firms who are wishing to buy calcium carbonate filler. After 17 years of establishment, EuroPlas have currently had its products exported to thousands of partners from over 90 years countries worldwide. Also, with the creation of EuroPlas’ Egypt factory, the brand has the advantage to deliver finest filler masterbatches to clients in MENA market. With the combination of high-quality calcium carbonate, plastic resins, and other special additives, EuroPlas filler masterbatch can easily meet all standards of quality of end-products in a wide range of industries including blown film, injection molding, extrusion, non-woven, and raffia.

EuroPlas filler masterbatch can easily meet all standards of quality of end-products in a wide range of industries

Currently, EuroPlas is providing the following types of filler masterbatch:

  • PP filler masterbatch: the combination of PP resin, high-quality CaCO3, and additives.
  • PE filler masterbatch: is produced with PE resin, high-quality CaCO3, and additives.
  • PS filler masterbatch: the mixture of PS resin, CaCO3, and other additives.
  • BiOMates: includes bioplastic, CaCO3, and other additives.

3. Tips to buy calcium carbonate filler from a trusted supplier

All things considered, filler calcium carbonate is the most appropriate solution for firms who wish to buy plastic filler. However, in order to choose the right filler masterbatch supplier, plastic firms should carefully consider the following factors:

  • Physical and chemical properties requirements for end-products: What is your product? How is it used in daily life? What does it need to meet standard quality and improve its durability? Answer these questions as detailed as possible to ensure that you acknowledge what must be added during manufacturing procedures.
  • Price: A prerequisite in almost any of the transactions. The good news is the price of calcium carbonate filler is relatively reasonable compared to primary plastic. However, in order to minimize the cost, you might want to seek Vietnamese filler calcium carbonate suppliers who own an absolute advantage of calcium carbonate resources. Other factors including the scale of the supplier, reliability, experiences and popularity should be also put into consideration before making any decisions.
  • Guarantee and delivery terms: For foreign customers, this must be an extremely important factor to ensure the success of your transaction. Remember to make research your supplier to make sure that it hasn’t gotten into any troubles regarding these similar problems before.

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