PE calcium carbonate masterbatch for plastic drip irrigation system

PE filler masterbatch or PE calcium carbonate masterbatch on PE resin is favored by manufacturers for the production of plastic pipes. Pipes in drip irrigation systems are a good example of its application. So what is drip irrigation system and why they should use PE caco3 masterbatch for this type of pipe, the following article will answer these questions for you.

What is drip irrigation system?

Drip irrigation is an irrigation method originated from Israel, which saves you water and fertilizer by allowing water to slowly flow into the roots of plants you want to irrigate or drip on soil surface (locations close to your plants). This system usually includes many devices such as valves, water pipes, types of irrigation plants. People connect them together to make a drip irrigation system which is suitable for their farms.

Using plastic pe pipes for drip irrigation system
Using plastic pe pipes for drip irrigation system

This watering method provides water with a pressure of about 0.8 – 1.5 bar. The speed of watering plants is very slow so that the amount of water absorbed gradually into the soil. For this reason, nutrient minerals in the soil are not washed away and create favorable conditions for plants to grow better. Compared to the manual irrigation method and according to the research results of experts from Israel, this system will save you 80% of the watering time each day and 50% of the irrigation water. In this system, water pipes play an important role. They are usually made from PE or PVC. So why do manufacturers often add PE calcium carbonate masterbatch or CaCo3 masterbatch?

PE calcium carbonate masterbatch for plastic pipes in drip irrigation system

PE pipes are the garden’s top choice because of its price, features and popularity. This type of pipe is used to convey water and fertilizer. In drip irrigation system, plastic pipes can be used in 2 ways. it is a a drop that spreads along lines of plants and a dropper around the root

For the first type, using a drip irrigation line (for example: 16mm) mainly for plants on a line pattern and with a fixed distance of plants. Because the 16mm drip wire is designed with standard drip holes such as 15cm, 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 1 meter and each type of wire has different thickness. Some typical plants such as cucumbers, asparagus, strawberries, tomatoes are suitable for this way of application.

PE calcium carbonate masterbatch for plastic pipes in drip irrigation system
PE calcium carbonate masterbatch for plastic pipes in drip irrigation system

The second type is drip irrigation around the root which is a form of irrigation using a drip wire (usually small diameter of 6-8mm) connected to a soft PE water pipe. They can curl around trees 1-2 times. This method is commonly used with specialized plants such as coffee, lake, dragon fruit, avocado, durian, mango, grapefruit, orange, lemon, and tangerine. The drip irrigation system allows plants to receive nutrients directly from dripping holes. So, it helps plant roots grow better and absorb enough nutrients.

In these above ways, PE pipes will be more and more supportive for farmers’ farms with automatic pumping system. For large farms, the amount of pipes used is not small. So when manufacturers want to supply PE pipes with larger quantities and cheaper prices, they all tend to use PE calcium carbonate masterbatch in production process. This masterbatch filler reduces not only the amount of PE plastic they should have used, but also the final product price due to its own price. Moreover, PE Filler Masterbatch even increases hardness, improves surface performance of products such as physical, chemical or thermal stability. At Polyfill, we select the best quality raw materials, from caco3 powder to plastics and additives, to make calcium carbonate PE with high whiteness and purity. If you need any further supports about technology and prices, please contact us at this link!


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