Calcium carbonate masterbatch for plastic products in hydroponic systems

Calcium carbonate masterbatch for plastic products in hydroponic systems

Calcium carbonate masterbatch for plastic products in hydroponic systems

Modern agriculture is growing and bringing many economic benefits to society today. One of its typical examples is the popularity of the hydroponic system all around the world. In particular, the effective support of plastic products to operate this system is undeniable. In addition, the manufacturer takes more advantages of calcium carbonate masterbatch in these products. The following article will show more clearly their effects on plastic products for modern agricultural activities today. First of all, we need to understand how hydroponics works with plastic products.

What is hydroponics and how it works

Hydroponics means growing plants in a nutrient environment (water) and it does not need soil to develop traditionally. The principle of this method is to use water as an environment to provide plants with enough nutrients to grow. Meanwhile, people ensure adequate light for photosynthesis process and respiration of plants. Hence, these plants can thrive with high productivity.

In fact, NFT is a specific technique in operating hydroponic systems. “NFT” stands for Nutrient Film Technique and it is not difficult to install such a system at home or farms. The first thing people need as with many systems is a plastic reservoir to contain the nutrient solution. So, the next thing is something to oxygenate the water on a consistent basic. In almost every case that would be an air pump, airline tubing and an air stone. Other tools are water pump and channel/tubing. It needs a water pump to pump up into the channel. Then, the channel or tubing is what makes the system so expandable. Since then, it makes the way for water going through and plants have more space to develop. Finally, we need net pots and plants.

how to set up nft system with plastic tools made from calcium carbonate masterbatch
How to set up NFT system with plastic tools made from calcium carbonate masterbatch

The nutrient solution is pumped from a reservoir by the water pump to the higher end of the growing channel/tube. The plants will absorb nutrients from this flow. After flowing through the channel, it returns to the reservoir. Therefore, NFT hydroponics system is a closed process recycling the nutrients. It helps you save water and plastic tools as well. Moreover, the fact that many tools in hydroponic systems can be produced with calcium carbonate masterbatch. It also based on different resin such as PP, PE, LDPE, PVC, HIPS and so on.

Types of calcium carbonate masterbatch for plastic tools in NFT system

On the market today, there are many types of plastics used to produce gardening tools suitable for hydroponic systems. Among of them, PP and PE are the most commonly plastics used for the tools above. Specifically, manufacturers can produce reservoirs from PE, HDPE or PP. Depending on the characteristics of these plastics, consumers can see them on the market with different prices, sizes and features.

plastic reservoirs can be produced by calcium carbonate masterbatch with resin , additive and color concentrates

For example, the PE reservoir is very popular because it is easy to recycle, the price is not expensive but it can be damaged when exposed for long periods of time with light or heat. Therefore, if users only use it for a short time inside the greenhouse or home environment, this product is quite suitable. Regarding the PP reservoir, it is also quite safe to use with food and in the garden. Indeed, if users need a more durable product for long-term use, reservoirs made from HDPE are not a bad choice. The reason is that they do not transmit chemicals to the product. Moreover, they are also resistant to utraviolet rays and harsh environments.

net pots for hydroponic system

Today, when it comes to providing products at a lower cost to users, manufacturers have their methods too. They can use calcium carbonate masterbatch in accordance with types of plastic they use to produce the reservoir or planting pots. At Polyfill, we supply many filler masterbatches such as PE / PP calcium carbonate masterbatch, HD filler masterbatch … Our experienced scientists will be responsible for mixing the ratio of CaCO3 powder, additives and resin suitable for each type of product from each manufacturer. In addition, to add eye-catching colors, manufacturers can also use Polyfill color masterbatch.

Another part that is so important in the NFT system is plastic grow trays. These trays may be channels or tubes as well. The grow tray is a container to hold one or more plants in NFT system. For instance, manufacturers can produce plastic seeding trays from ABS, HDPE or HIPS calcium carbonate masterbatch and resin to cut down the price and keep stable quality. In many case , users cannot find these channels in their area, they also can choose sewer pipes, cut some holes and put net pots on it so that they can make NFT system by themselves at home. If you need more information and prices of every type calcium carbonate masterbatch, please contact us here!

hydroponic grow tray can be produced from calcium carbonate masterbatch and resin
hydroponic grow tray can be produced from calcium carbonate masterbatch and resin

Many people still hate plastic, but they probably forgot that plastic supports nutrient film technique – a popular hydroponic production system for so much green vegetables and herbs. The NFT system will be difficult to achieve good results without trays and plastic tools. Since then, plastic products have played a part in improving the shortage of food in future when the land fund is limited.

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