Calcium Carbonate and how it is used in plastic industry

calcium carbonate and how it is used in plastic industry

Calcium carbonate and how it is used in plastic industry

What is calcium carbonate?

Scientists found calcium carbonate (CaCO3) from the earth’s crust many years ago. Because of the sedimentation from coral, shellfish in ocean, now people can see other forms of CaCO3 easily. For examples, marble, limestone, travertine … They are different from size, color and purity, inspire of their main fomular is still CaCO3.

Calcium Carbonate from limestone
Calcium Carbonate from limestone

Users can be exposed to this powder in a lot of applications which include CaCO3 presented in solid or granules. For instance, pupils can see it in chalk which tearcher use to write on the blackboard. Another example is that when cooking and eggshells contain more than 90% calcium carbonate. Meanwhile, travertine is a kind of diverse limestone collected from caves or hot springs. Then, it has a higher hardness than marble and colors are white, brown, grey or even red. Iron in travertine will decide its color. Thus, you cannot find travertine tiles looking the same totally. That is the reason why this kind of materials is suitable for decoration in house or garden.

calcium carbonate from eggshell
calcium carbonate from eggshell

However, not all kinds of limestone are colorful like this. Extracting pure CaCO3 by mining is a common way at present. As results of crushing and processing limestone, we will have this white powder finally. The whiteness of this powder depends on this stone quality. Countries in Asia, where obtain nature favors, they are usually exploiting better-quality stone powder more than the rest of the world. In addition, calcium carbonate has low oil absorption, good dispersion, low abrasion ability and enhanced corrosion. Thus, it is a great and useful material in applying for plastic industry.

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Impacts of calcium carbonate in plastic industry

If you think all plastic products come from primary plastic, you’re wrong. Today, to save it as well as reduce white pollution, people look for alternative solutions. Calcium carbonate is one of them. To avoid the impact of coal or oil prices on production of plastics, manufacturers use CaCO3. They mix this powder, additives and primary plastic when making filler masterbatch or compound. The purpose of this action is to make final products replace for using 100 % primary plastic. Nevertheless, this product still meet quality of input materials for creating plastic consumer goods.

plastic pipe made from calcium carbonate powder and other materials
plastic pipe made from calcium carbonate powder and other materials

Making plastic pipe or some construction products as films, plastic door, ceiling sheets is considered a typical example of using CaCO3 powder. It increases durability, better dispersion in plastic chemicals and optimal gloss of products.

Specifically, when producing pressure PVC pipe, they use the low calcium carbonate content to make it withstand the highest pressure. Moreover, pipe’s surface is the smoothest and resistant to impacts.

Quality of casting products is improved by using CaCO3 powder to produce

To casting products, hardness and durability will be improved. It leads to cost savings. Besides, calcium carbonate is used to reduce the price and considered as a flame retardant in power cables.

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At present, polyfill is also providing filler masterbatch, color masterbatch as well as additive and compound. These inputs contain quality calcium carbonate from Vietnam will support your manufacturing plastic products in color and technical problems. If you have any questions about our materials, please contact us here.

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