Advantages of using PE filler masterbatch in producing film

advantages of using pe filler masterbatch in producing film

Advantages of using pe filler masterbatch in producing film

What are PE and PE calcium carbonate masterbatch?

About production method, the petrochemical industry derived raw materials for the production of primary plastics from natural gas, oil or coal. Especially, they obtained “naphtha” from oil refining. With “naptha”, we have plastic materials to make plastic granules. One of the most popular products of them is PE. Its formula is combinations of CH2 and people can call it like polyethene plastic. Then, this kind of plastic is used to produce polyethylene sheet , polyethylene bag for packaging. People often use them to wrap food or store fresh fruits, vegetables at house, supermarket or at gardens. So, what about PE calcium carbonate masterbatch?

wrapping fresh food by PE filler masterbatch film
Wrapping fresh food by PE filler masterbatch film

To make it, manufactuarers do not need 100% PE plastic. They use calcium carbonate powder (CaCO3) and additives in PE based masterbatch.

pe filler masterbatch

With CaCO3 powder, there are some supplies from Southeast Asia countries, such as Vietnam. Due to the advantage of and nature, quality of CaCO3 here is more white and helps to improve surface of products with mixture.

In addition, to export filler masterbatch to over the world, a place closing to sea port, such as Hai Phong city, is a perfect choice to conduct this task.

As compared with PE, the difference in materials makes this filler masterbatch do not need to depend on the price of oil and natural gas. So, it reduces the cost of plastic products. Moreover, using it as an input material adds some better features to the products as well.

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Which advantages you will obtain if using filler masterbatch in PE base ?

A characteristic of products from polyethylene is elasticity.  With a dense molecular structure that water cannot penetrate, PE wrap also protects your pallets from affects of moving and heat.

polyethylene bags are popular in daily activities
Polyethylene bags are popular in daily activities

However, if it is from PE calcium carbonate masterbatch, these films improve anti-heating, rigidity and tightness property. Moreover, this material also improve the surface antifriction and antislip property of plastic products. When you arrange many kinds of goods together, it keeps your products away from scratchs but also visual aesthetics.

If the manufactuers want their products to be white more, filler masterbatch application for this case is a perfect choice. Because its ingredients included CaCO3. Then, the whiteness of CaCO3 is over 90% so it can replace other hard-to-find white pigments. Instead of buying and mixing expensive white color, producers can change into PE filler masterbatch so as to save money but ensures stable color of products.

Besides, recycling plastic is an inevitable trend in future. The capability of products from this PE filler is to reduce heating quantity when recycling. Nowadays, people are prioritizing to use enviromental friendly products. That is the reason why manufacturers want to change material sources into new ones. This action gives them a chance to reduce global waste from some kinds of plastic cannot be recycled. It shows their responsibility for sociaty as well.

PE calcium carbonate masterbatch still have a lot of interesting features else. For every product, this type of filler masterbatch will prove its exceptional things. If you need more information from us to apply for your products, please advise us your questions and contact details here for further respond.


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