List of countries ban and reduce single-use plastic in future

List of contries ban and reduce single-use plastic in future

List of contries ban and reduce single-use plastic in future

Indiscriminate disposal of plastic waste without recycling is affecting our oceans and marine life. As estimated by 2025, plastic waste in the ocean will be more than fishes we have. Not only that, this affects health of the global population as well. However, in some recent years, many manufacturers changed resin into CaCo3 masterbatch and biodegradable plastic to reduce primary plastic. In addition, governments have also taken the initiative in recycling plastic as well as reducing or eliminating disposable plastic. Below is an up-to-date list of regions and countries that restrict the use and sale of single-use plastic products. Typical examples for these products are plastic straws and plastic bags.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a central American country and borders with Panama and Nicaragua. About 98% of the country’s electricity is supplied to people using renewable energy sources. Typical examples are hydroelectric, wind and solar …there is only fuel they use is diesel.

At present, Costa Rica discharges 13 million tons of plastic to the ocean every year. Through research and surveys with national people are good methods to measure their thoughts about improving their living environment. Accordingly, the Costa Rican government had a plan.  The purpose is to turn their country into a carbon neutral country, and ban single-use plastics by 2021.

This plan is necessary because every year there are up to 20% of the solid waste is not recycled. However they contaminate the sea and the soil. When this plan is finished, they will ban all single-use plastics. In fact, there are some places conducting their plans already. For example, a beautiful province – Guanacaste would become the first place in Costa Rica will ban plastic bags and straw. Not only because they want to educate children about protecting their environment, but also relate to tourism here.


India – the second largest waste disposal country in the world has taken actions to reduce plastic waste. With over 7,000 kilometers of coastline, the Indian government has also announced a national campaign of littering and a program to measure the amount of plastic flowing into their waters.

Every year, One indian can use 24 pounds or 11 killogams of plastic. This number is lower than in USA meanwhile american can consume 240 pounds or 109 killogams. However, population of india is almost 1.50 billion. This leads to a huge amount of waste. They not only increase the rate of illness for the people but also destroy the tourist landscape. Hence, last year, when India hosted Earth Day, it was announced that by 2022 they would remove single-use plastic.

Mumbai introduces ban on single-use plastic

According to this, the most popular plastic product is plastic bags banned. In addition, teachers at school also organize workshops for pupils and students. Furthermore, plastic production is also strictly controlled. The evidence of this activity is that they are closing factories and preventing import of plastic products.



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