Plastic cars – the revolution in the automotive industry

plastic cars - the revolution of automotive industry

plastic cars - the revolution of automotive industry

The world is changing faster than you think. If we are too familiar with the term plastic pollution, the producers have a different perspective on this controversial material. The evidence is in how they make use of them in our lives and create -“plastic car“.

Not only a good effect on car weight when using plastic

Automotive manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve their products every year. With the energy crisis when people are over-exploiting the oil on our planet, they focus on both technology, vehicle speed, materials and energy consumption. With this point of view, plastic is an amazing material which can make their dream come true.

Because, there are a few outstanding features of plastic that make it irrefutable for its ability to replace steel. With the lightness and durability of plastic, people can produce up to 50% of plastic parts. Indeed, two basic materials stand at the starting position of almost all plastic car parts – polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). Moreover, the ability to combine PE or PP filler masterbatch with 3d printing technology has brought remarkable results. The first plastic car in the world that was born with 3d technology is the strongest proof for this view.

Plastic at automotive industry

Basically, when a car is lighter by using plastic, they will consume less of your fuel. For example, the same distance but if run on a modified plastic car, you will waste less fuel. Not only stop using gasoline, scientists also developed electric cars. All of these efforts have turned our targets to protect our living environment by emitting less C02 and saving fuel for the future.

Using carbon fiber plastic for future cars

In past, people usually combine carbon fiber and plastic in order to make racing cars lighter. However, they are applying it for normal vehicles. In fact, to develop GT Ford car, they also use carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Hence, there is no reason for them to utilize it for normal cars. At the same time, this advanced plastic material also significantly increases vehicle safety. In case, a car crush happens, the front of plastic rear bumper will absorb kinetic energy and limit danger to passengers inside vehicles. Moreover, plastic fuel tanks cannot corrode and increase their lifecycle.

Recycling plastic is also concerned in producing cars

It will be a shortage if only plastic cars are produced but it cannot be recycled. However, 3D printing technology will help the car conduct this. Large car manufacturers have exhibited car models and auto parts manufactured with 3d printing technology. Their advantages are speed, customization and sustainability. In additions, 3D technology save their time in creating prototypes. Therefore, moving in electric plastic cars with navigation and self-driving systems no longer exists only in fictional movies.

Recycling of carbon fibre-reinforced plastics

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