What is PE Filler Masterbatch?

blowing film application of pe filler masterbatch

Calcium carbonate is a substance compound with the recipe CaCO3 powder. It is a typical substance found in rocks, for example, calcite, aragonite and minerals (particularly, for example, limestone, which contains these two minerals). PE filler is a blend of calcium carbonate with polyethylene. Usually utilized as a part of the creation of blow moulding films and items got by injection.

Our PolyFil PE Filler Masterbatch is an exceptionally filled calcium carbonate filler masterbatch containing fine unadulterated CaCO3 in polyethylene resin and suited added substances.

This CaCO3 PE filler masterbatch is proposed to be included into polyolefin compatible resins during the injection, extrusion or blow moulding to uproot a part of the resin, in this manner chopping down the expenses while enhancing item properties.

Including proportion may regularly run from 10% to as high as up to 90% contingent upon the specific item and handling conditions.

PE Filler Product Introduction

The simple scattering of polyolefins;

White plastic products lessen the utilization of white pre-compound at the rate of 50%;

Cost-effective solutions;

Builds the mechanical execution;

Support breaking down in nature;

Decreases electricity produced via friction;

Appropriate for Food Contact Material compliance;

Exclude overwhelming metals and materials contained in Regulation REACH.

Appropriate applications for PE Filler Masterbatch

PE blow molding articles, PE bags and films

HDPE bags like garbage bags and shopping bags

PE agriculture films, PE biodegradable bags

PE breathable film, PE roll packs

PE T-shirt sacks, PE injection moulded things

Besides PE Filler Masterbatch, PolyFill also producing other thermoplastic raw material like PP Filler Masterbatch, HDPE Filler Masterbatch, LLDPE Filler Masterbatch, Transparent Filler Masterbatch, HIPS Filler Masterbatch or other kinds of Color Masterbatch with vivid shading color or the purest color like Black Masterbatch and White Masterbatch.


  1. Can pe- calcium carbonate filler be used in Rotomoulding process to produce potable water tanks and the what is the proper percentage to each 100kg of polyethylene.

    • Hi! Thank you for messaging us. We’ll need more information regarding your end-products and your current formular to deliver the question to you. Could you give ys your email so we can discuss further?

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